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Diwali Rangoli Tradition
Diwali as a festival symbolizes the age-old culture of our country. It is a celebration, which teaches us to vanquish ignorance that subdues humanity and to drive away darkness that engulfs the light of knowledge. Thus even today the festival of Diwali is celebrated with much enthusiasm and fervor all over the country. A major tradition connected with Diwali is the tradition of Rangoli. The tradition of Rangoli has been associated with the celebrations of Diwali since time immemorial and even today these Rangolis are prepared for the purpose of decorating the entrance of most of the households for the grand occasion of Diwali.

Rangoli is basically a Hindu folk art, which is drawn on the floors using different designs and colors. The origin of the Diwali Rangolis can be traced back to the Puranas or the works of Hindu mythology. Though according to the history of the Rangolis, the tradition of Rangoli initiated in Maharashtra but slowly this tradition moved to the other parts of the country and became an integral part of the Diwali decorations.

According to a famous legend associated with the origin of the tradition of Rangoli, there was a king whose kingdom went into deep sorrow on hearing upon the death of the son of the high priest. Every one of them prayed to Lord Brahma, who was moved by these prayers and who asked the king to draw a portrait of the boy on the floor in which He would put some life. The King did as told and the boy came to life. Since that day the Rangolis came to prepared on every major festival.

These Rangolis are known by the name of Kolam in South India, Alpana in Bengal, Madana in Rajasthan and Aripana in Bihar. Rangoli is in fact a Sanskrit word, which implies the creative expression through the means of the color. The tradition of Rangoli is used for decorating the entrances, walls and courtyards of the homes at the time of Diwali, as this is the time when people visit each other's homes for the exchange of sweets and Diwali gifts and Diwali Rangolis provide a nice view of the house to them.

There are many Rangoli themes using which you can make many beautiful Rangoli designs. Some common Rangoli themes are the symbols such as dancing figures, birds, flowers, Ashoka tree's leaves, the symbol of Swastik, human figures, chakra, stars and the geometrical figures like circles, curves, squares, ovals and rectangles. Apart from these Rangoli themes a common practice is also of making the footsteps of the Goddess Lakshmi entering the home from the entrance point.

These Rangolis can be prepared with a combination of diverse colors and with the colored powders or colored pastes. To enhance the beauty of these Rangoli designs you can place some decorative pieces like a lighted Deepak, colored rice grains, colored sand and the colorful flower petals.

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