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Diwali Tradition of Lights
Diwali is primarily known by the name of 'Festival of Lights' because of the following of the tradition of lights by many people all over the world, as a part of Diwali celebrations. The tradition of lights associated with Diwali celebrations is a symbol of victory of good over evil. According to the tradition of lights, hundreds and thousands of lamps are lit on the eve of Diwali Puja, as a mark of celebration and request to the gods for granting light in place of darkness in the human lives.The tradition of lights during Diwali is followed by filling the homes with many lamps, candles and lights.

Nowadays many people use decorative light candles, diyas and clay lamps in place of the ordinary lamps, lights and candles.

Traditionally people make use of 'earthen lamps' having cotton wicks in them with some oil in order to light up the night. Though people have become modern nowadays and have started using electric lamps and candles of different colors and shapes in place of the earthen lamps.

There are many legends associated with the festival of lights, of which the most famous legend in the northern India is that of the comeback of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after killing the demon Ravan and after suffering the exile of fourteen years in jungle. To celebrate the comeback of Lord Ram along with His wife Sita and younger brother Lakshman, the citizens of Ayodhya lighted many lamps and diyas and distributed sweets along with bursting of many firecrackers. Since that day the eve of Diwali puja came to celebrated by the lighting of lamps and diyas after offering prayers to Gods in the form of Diwali puja.

On the other hand in South India the festival of lights is celebrated in order to commemorate the victory of Goddess Durga over the fierce demon Narakasura. Whatever may be the reason for celebrating the festival of lights is celebrated with much fervor and zeal in all the parts of the country. There are many options available for the lamps to be used on the Diwali eve nowadays. In addition to the ordinary earthen diyas, you can also opt for colorful wax candles and colored electric bulbs.

There are many earthen lamps in the shape of handis or bowls also available in the market. These handis are also available with innovative designs on them, which can add a touch of elegance to your home on this Diwali.

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