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Diwali Gift Tradition
Diwali, a major Hindu festival is also known by the name of 'festival of lights', as it symbolizes the victory of good over evil and hence hundreds and thousands of lights and diyas are lit on this day to mark the hope for mankind. Diwali gift tradition is one of the major traditions associated with Diwali and is followed religiously all over the world. Diwali Celebrations take place everywhere in India, at dusk when darkness unfolds itself, you can see a spectacular illumination of tiny flickering lamps adorning in rows - at homes, buildings and streets.

All sorts of makeshift stalls suddenly spring out on the pavements and the bazaars are choc-a-bloc with people and all sweet shops display their latest temptations. People visit the places of their relatives and friends to wish them on the occasion of Diwali and exchange gifts and for those who cannot pay a personal visit there is a mind-boggling range of cards and gifts to choose from.

Well Diwali gift tradition holds its own importance among the Diwali celebrations as through these gifts people get a chance to share their feelings of care, love, affection and happiness with each other. Feasts are arranged and gaily-dressed men, women and children go to temples and fairs, visit friends and relatives. Markets are gaily decorated and lit up. Everybody adorns new and bright clothes, especially ladies get decorated in the best of ornaments. This captures the Diwali celebrations at its happiest. All this illumination and fireworks, joy and festivity, is to signify the victory of divine forces over those of wickedness. Even countries like Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are known for different ways of Diwali celebrations.

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