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Diwali Kharipudi Recipes
Tantalize your taste buds this Diwali with the help of the sweetest of all dishes, the Kharipudi. Kharipudi is a sweet dish, which lets you pamper your sweet tooth and make the most of the grand festival of Diwali. Though all the dishes made at the time of Diwali are delicious but the recipe of Kharipudi stands apart from all other Diwali recipes in the sense that it is the best Diwali dish which can be prepared in very less time and does not involve much hard work. Here is the recipe for the yummiest Diwali dish in simple steps and language just for you.

(Serves 4-5)

Things Required
2 cups of flour
½ cup of Rice flour
½ tablespoon of Oman Seeds
½ teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
2 tablespoon of Ghee
Some dry flour for dusting

Mix plain flour and 1/4-cup rice flour together. Add asafetida, Omam seeds, turmeric, oil and mix it properly so as to make the dough softer. Apply ghee and roll it like a large chapatti. Sprinkling some rice flour, roll it into tight Swiss roll and cut into thick slices and keep it aside. Then heat the oil in a pan and fry the pudis till they become golden in color. Now drain and keep them aside and they are ready to serve.

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