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Diwali Puja Thali Decorations
Arti is performed in order to pay tribute to the Almighty and is one of the most important rituals while offering prayers to the deity. It is a must to be performed amongst the Hindus. The thali by which the Arti is performed is called as the Puja Thali. It can be made up of copper, brass, steel or of silver. Like the entire surroundings are decorated before performing puja, similarly, Puja Thali too is decorated.

Diwali Arti Thali consists of several holy items like sandalwood paste, roli and rice paste, sweets as prasadam, incensed sticks, a hand bell and petals of flowers. Although, the sundry ingredients put in the right manner are in the thali are enough to make it look elegant, but it is sheer devotion of people, who adorn it with other items as well.

Method 1
To initiate the Diwali Puja Thali Decorations, you can make a religious symbol in the middle of the plate, such as that of Swastika and Aum. At the corners of the plate, glue silver or golden zari. You can also use glitter paste and sequins to adorn the plate with.

Method 2
Cover the entire plate with a vibrant colored piece of cloth or paper. Then make traditional designs over it. The cloth or paper you have chosen must have a traditional print and should be in cotton. You can go for Rajasthani prints, bhandege, polka dots etc. Highlight the edges with a lace or zari of contrast color to the base.

Method 3
Take a mud clay plate and color it with the oil paint. Make geometrical, traditional, religious and other designs with brilliant colors. This would make your Puja thali look more like a Rangoli. Puja Thali decorations can be an interesting activity to indulge in while you are soaked into the festive mood. Use your imagination and color your Diwali with happiness and love.

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