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Diwali dry fruits can be the best form ofDiwali gifts from your side to your near and dear ones for making their Diwali, a delicious affair. In addition to the Diwali sweets , the dry fruits form an integral part of the celebrations of Diwali in India. Earlier the Diwali dry fruits meant a simple dry fruit box with lots of dry fruits in it. But nowadays many new versions of the Diwali dry fruit packs have come up in the markets, which provide you with lots of options for selecting the best Diwali dry fruit pack for your friends and family. Here are some nice forms of Diwali dry fruit pack from our side which will help you in the selection of some great Diwali dry fruit packs for your loved ones.

Assorted Dry Fruit pack
This assorted dry fruit pack contains 100 grams of almonds, cashews, pistachio and khurmani respectively. All these things are gracefully packed in a designer hand made paper box which makes it an elegant Diwali gift pack for all those people who are very close to your heart and whom you want to wish the best ever Diwali. If you wish to make this diwali gift to be all the more special then you can also add a Diwali card to this diwali dry fruit box. Almonds Bag
A very interesting option for Diwali dry fruit pack can be the Jaipuri bag containing about 200 grams of almonds in it. The Jaipuri bags are often decorated with golden designs and the mouth of these bags is tied with golden thread. Reveal your true love for your family and friends by gifting them a memorable Diwali gift item.

Dry Fruit magic
Another option for Diwali dry fruit pack can be the delicate red colored tissue bag decorated with beautiful golden designs and the fancy Jaipuri bag, which is filled with 200 grams of cashews and almonds. Present this great Diwali dry fruit pack to your loved ones and just make their Diwali celebrations truly special.

Silver Bal Gopal
One of the most loved forms of Lord Krishna is his Bal Gopal Rupa. The exquisite glass framed silver image of Bal Gopal is shown holding a ball of butter taken out from the pot that is kept next to him. This form is also known as Navaneet Krishna.
Diwali Dry Fruits

Amazing Hamper - Dry-Fruit Hamper
Price: US $19.50
Almond-Cashew Delight - Dry-Fruit Hamper
Price: US $26.95
An Amazing Hamper
Price: US $31.00
Express- 2kg Dryfruits Hamper
Price: US $58.91

Express-1 kg Dryfruits Hamper
Price: US $33.91
Express- Dryfruit Delight
Price: US $16.95
Forbidden Sweets & Brass Bowl
Price: US $25.45
Exotic Treat
Price: US $33.54

Decorative & Nutritious
Price: US $18.75

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