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Diwali Candle Holders
It is the time of Diwali again and you can easily find people flocking at the shops for buying things for Deepavali. One such item associated with the festival of lights, which is of great demand at the time of Diwali is the Diwali candleholder. These Diwali candleholders can be used as a perfect Diwali present for the people whom you want to gift brightness on this Diwali. Well here is an anthology of some artistic Diwali candleholders from our side just for you.

Black Candle Holder
This black colored candleholder is unique for its shape of an hourglass. In the middle this candleholder portrays inscribed inlay art with thick carving. The black candleholder has a hollow circular place for holding a medium or large size candle. This candleholder can be easily used for candle lit dinners besides on the special occasions.

Round Candleholder
Having a round base this candleholder also has a flowery fringe engraved on its base, which gives it a beautiful look. Being a black beauty this candleholder is sure to win many hearts on being displayed on a showcase. The criss-cross carving on circular circumference of the candleholder completes the artistic wooden craft. It also has a hollow circular place for holding the medium size or large size candle.

Charming Candleholders
Another suitable suggestion for a nice Diwali candleholder can be a pair of palm tree candleholders in a set of three that is 10", 8" and 6". The brown colored stick and the base of the candleholders resemble closely the trunk of a tree while at the top they contain cylindrical holders amidst green leaves. Each candleholder has the ability to hold a medium sized candle and the entire set weighs about 3000 grams.

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