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Diwali is not only a festival of sweets, firecrackers, diyas and new clothes. It is also a festival of getting to know about our age-old mythologies and about our deities. Well what better way can there be of knowing about all these great things related to the festival of lights than the Diwali books? There are many informative Diwali books available in the market, which can provide you with all the information you ever needed about the greatest festival of Hindus and all the things associated with it.These Diwali books can be the perfect Diwali gifts for your loved ones this Diwali.

The best part about these Diwali books is that they can be gifted to anyone despite their age. That means that these Diwali books can be presented to a kid also and to an adult also without much hesitation. Here are some great ideas for some Diwali books.

Get to know everything about the greatest of all countries, India, through this fabulous book, which contains information about all the 30 million Hindu deities, one billion people and the burgeoning software industry in India. This book also has information about the temple towns and the brilliant cities of the country. A perfect guide to the most fabulous country of all times.

Diwali: Hindu Festival Of Lights
The book written by Dianne M.MacMillan is a rich treat for all those who would love to have information about the history, culture, beliefs and practices of the people in India. This Diwali book can be presented to the children to give them a clear picture of the 'festival of lights' as celebrated in India and all the important things associated with it.

Here Comes Diwali: The Festival Of Lights
Written by Laxmi Jain and Meenal Pandya, this book is a story-cum-activity book, as seen through the eyes of a young boy. This fabulous book is capable of bring to life the mood of festivity during the festival of Diwali. It also gives a peep into the activities associated with Diwali. The book also includes recipes, crafts, a glossary and even a word-search game. This book can be very suitable for the small kids for whom the festival of Diwali is nothing more than an occasion for sweets, firecrackers and nice Diwali gifts.

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