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Rama's Return To Ayodhya
The fifteenth dark night of the month of Ashwin according to Hindu calendar is celebrated with great pomp and vigor by Hindus in India as well as Hindus living abroad. This is the day when in around 5000 B.C Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya. The entire kingdom of Ayodhya danced in happiness to get back their ideal King.

The, mighty yet moral, Lord Rama ended the era of Asura Ravana in Lanka. He made the righteousness and virtue win over vice. Rama's return to Ayodhya marks many events at the same time. Before returning to Ayodhya, Shri Rama made Bhibhishan the King of Lanka. Keeping in view the morality he made Sita, his wife, go through the Ordeal of Fire. Sita proved her chastity by coming out of the fire unhindered.

Back there in Ayodhya, Bharata prepared for the homecoming of his elder brother in as grand way as possible. Bharata like an ideal younger brother waited eagerly for his brother for fourteen long years. He lived like a hermit in a small cottage while his brother went for exile. Therefore, the 'Bharata Milap' episode too becomes significant. Soon after returning to Ayodhya, Bharata himself performed the Rajyabhishek (the King swearing in ceremony) of Shri Rama. Thus, he was made the king of Ayodhya.

It is believed that as Rama returned to Ayodhya, it was a no moon night. People lit their homes and the path from which Lord Rama was about to come with diyas . Everywhere could be seen the scintillating effect of lights. They also decorated the pathways with colorful Rangolis and Flower Rangolis. Their joys knew no bounds as their King was coming back. They wore new clothes, danced and sang in his praise.

Since then it has become customary to celebrate the day with so much of enthusiasm. Following the tradition people till today wear new clothes, decorate their homes and pray Lord Rama to shower his blessings on their loved ones. Even in present times, the night of Amavasya of the month of Ashwin is full of lights of various kinds. Rangolis at the doorstep of many people's homes are still seen. The era of Lord Rama might be over but the liveliness of the celebrations of Diwali is not diminished a bit.

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