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Diwali Diyas
The fifteenth night of the month of Karthika is a no moon night, that is, 'Amavasya' is celebrated as the festival of Diwali by Hindus residing across the globe. But, with zillions of Diyas lit, the darkness has to find a place to hide. They enlighten the aura with such a brilliance that amidst the sheen of it evil is engulfed.

Widely known as 'The Festival Of Lights', Diwali connotes the victory of good over evil. Numerous folklores are associated with the festival of Diwali. And every tale indicate towards one fact that it is inevitable for the good to triumph over evil. On one hand, Lord Rama ended the reign of Ravana and on the other hand Lord Krishna killed demon Narakasura, thereby, re-establishing peace and happiness in three worlds.

Diwali Diyas is the embodiment of the same goodness, virtuosity, and eternal truth. For Hindus, light is the symbol of knowledge, wisdom, goodness, happiness, peace, truth and prosperity. Whereas, darkness symbolizes everything opposite to it. We find in legendary stories of Diwali the mention of the role of Diyas. Natives of Ayodhya lit Diyas in the way of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Mother Sita so that they would not get distracted from the path.

It was physically done at that time, but there is a deeper significance relevant even in contemporary times. Diya not only help in enlightening the physical path but the spiritual path too. It shows the right way so that our soul never indulge in any kind of evil. It teaches the lesson of brotherhood and encourages everyone to choose the road that leads to serenity of mind and soul.

People belonging to Hindu community all around the world indulge in lavish celebrations of the festival, but it is also important to understand the essence of these celebrations. The lesson is not confined to be adopted by Hindus only, but it the idea is universal and thus encompasses the mankind on the whole. If these beautiful Diyas would start appealing to everyone's mind and soul can turn the world into a Utopian one.

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