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Diwali gifts for friends/colleagues should be selected with ample care, as you cannot just present them with anything from the market. After all these Diwali gifts are the perfect means for you to leave an everlasting impression on your friends and colleagues and also your best way of sending them Diwali greetings. Though sometimes it becomes a little too difficult to look for perfect Diwali gifts for friends/colleagues, as you need to keep a lot of things in mind like the gift should be cheerful and should convey your excitement on presenting your friends and colleagues with the best Diwali gifts ever presented by you and secondly the likes, dislikes and temperaments of your friends and colleagues and of course your budget.

Here are some suggestions and ideas for Diwali gift for friends/colleagues from our side
Crystal Vase
A perfect Diwali gift for friends/colleagues can be a crystal vase. There are a variety of crystal vases available in the market but the Italian crystal vase definitely stands out. These crystal vases are the perfect pictures of grace and elegance and can be proudly gifted to your friends and colleagues with an assurance that your gift would be remembered for a very long time. You can also send beautiful Diwali lamps and Diwali diyas along with these crystal vases.

Sunflower Candle
Candles have always been a favorite Diwali gift and the best thing about these candle gifts is that they are always appreciated and never go out of fashion. In fact nowadays many new designs of candles have been invented. One of the best out of these inventions is the sunflower candle. A fragrant sunflower shaped candle contains a candle, which is filled with wax that can burn for hours. If the candle gets burn out or you are not in the mood of using the candle anymore then this sunflower can be used as a perfect showpiece.

Tall Juice Glasses
Another option for perfect Diwali gift for friends/colleagues can be tall juice glasses. These juice glasses are apt to serve beverages, cocktails and mock tails and definitely stand out for their elegance and grace. If you are not able to think of any ideal Diwali gift for your friends and colleagues then tall juice glasses can be the best choice for you.
Diwali Gifts for Friends

A Charming Gift
Price: US $22.50
A Divine Grace - Chocolate Hamper
Price: US $16.00
Festive Door
Price: US $17.94
Deep Ganesha
Price: US $9.37

Amazing Hamper - Dry-Fruit Hamper
Price: US $19.50
Almond-Cashew Delight - Dry-Fruit Hamper
Price: US $26.95
Express- Dryfruit Delight
Price: US $16.95

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