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Candle Holders
The day of Dhanteras marks the official initialization of the celebrations of Diwali in India, which are made all the more special with people choosing Diwali gifts for their loved ones, illuminating their houses with numerous brightly lit Diwali Lamps and Diwali diyas and further decorating their homes with gorgeous Diwali pictures.

Candleholders have been known to be the most purchased gift items not only during Diwali but also at the time of Dhanteras. Earlier only ordinary candleholders were available in the market so people never had any choice in the candleholders.

But as the times have changed so have the options for the candleholders, which have increased, many times to what were before. Here are some perfect ideas for candleholders, which can be used by you for gifting purpose on this Dhanteras.

Striking Candle Stand
Nowadays you get the hand crafted pottery Candle stands made with traditional techniques using clay. Available in the bright shades of different colors these candleholders have the potential of holding one large size candle. It is indeed a great option on this Dhanteras!

Candleholder Set
Though there are many candleholder sets available in the market but the most exquisite of them is the candle set, which bears a close resemblance to a coconut tree. This set contains two candleholders where each piece has a broad branched pedestal and the top has a floral base holding a petite cylindrical base.

Wooden Candleholder
If you are a lover of ethnic things then you can very well select the wooden candleholder that come in different shapes and sizes and colors. These candleholders are a perfect choice for showpieces as they can be proudly displayed with nice candles.

Glass Candleholder
Another great suggestion for candleholder can be the glass candleholder, which also comes in different shapes, sizes and colors. This candleholder has enough space for carrying the candles. When lit this candleholder can beautify the recipient's home decoration.

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