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Modern Day Diwali
Diwali is a word taken from the Sanskrit word Deepavali, which means an array of diyas. The festival is celebrated to honor the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya. Five consecutive days of the month of Ashwayuja according to Hindu calendar. Traditionally, the rituals of the festival mainly consists of lighting diyas, making Rangolis and Lakshmi Pujan.

With changing times the methods of celebrating Diwali too has witnessed new twists and turns. Contemporary era has commercialized the entire event of Diwali. It is not that commercialization has affected the spirit of cheerfulness in any sense. Rather, it has helped Diwali get a global recognition. Earlier, any event was ritualized in a modest manner. But, as India joined the global bandwagon and got exposed with new cultures and traditions, the methods of celebrations too got extended.
Festivals are a big reason for the economy boost in India. Same goes for the festival of Diwali. Way before the eve of Diwali, people buy new clothes, Puja Samagri (Items required for offering Prayers), home decorative items, firecrackers etc. Companies of all kind offer heavy discount on their products during the festive season.

The days around Diwali, specially on Dhanteras, are supposed to be the most auspicious ones to buy household items and even jewelry. Diwali also attracts lots of foreign tourists to India as the festival of Diwali adorns the beauty of the country all the more. The market places are beautified with colorful ribbons, scintillating lights and decorated stalls selling firecrackers, Diwali sweets etc add to the carnival. Many people do charity and feed a number of socially and economically deprived people.

Amongst all not to forget the exchange of gifts that occur during the Diwali days. Very enthusiastically, people distribute gifts during Diwali. Buying and selling of gifts is a big source of profit during the season. Thus, very rightly Diwali is said to be the day of prosperity. For businessmen, this is the end of the financial year too. They make new leisure note book and before using them they are put before the Goddess Lakshmi for an auspicious start.

Thus, Diwali in contemporary times is celebrated in manifolds. Not only in India but people outside India too indulge in merriment thereby keeping alive the spirit of Diwali. In today's fast paced lives, festivals like Diwali give a nice excuse to sit with loved ones and create some fond memories to cherish life long.

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