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Diwali Fest
Diwali fests are vibrant and lively filled with colorful stalls, decorated with lights and full of big and small swings. These fests project the enthusiastic spirit present in every soul during the festive season of Diwali. A few days before the eve of Diwali you can find many Diwali fests organized by members of the same community.

These fest not only provide the right aura for grand celebrations but gather loved ones under the same roof to double the joys of the ceremonies. The fairs are the best way to enjoy the essence of the festival.

Diwali Melas are full of cultural activities, puppet show, swings, food stalls, game stalls set up in a large ground. Men and women dress up in new clothes, which are as bright as possible in colors. Women put on their hands beautiful designs of henna too. Jugglers, acrobats, snake charmer add up to the exoticness of the fest. The stalls of pottery, handmade decorative items etc exhibit the diversity of India. All this creates a cheerful atmosphere all around.
Not only in India, but in foreign countries where there is a group of Indian people stay together, Diwali Fests are a must to have. In Singapore, the Diwali Fests is marked by a two kilometer long array of lights around Little India. Similar kind of Diwali celebrations occur in Divali Nagar in countries like Trinidad, Tobago and Chaguanas.

Diwali Melas are also organized by big companies, where Bollywood stars, famous singers and other stage performers show their talent in order to entertain the public, who come there along with their loved ones. These Melas earn a lot of money for these companies too.

Studies show that due to indulging in merrymaking in these fests, the scales show lesser firecracker pollution level. People dance, sing and rejoice in happiness. Offering prayers at a grand level is also performed during these Melas. So, this Diwali organize a Diwali Mela where your loved ones would gather and have fun.

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