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Diwali Crafts
Diwali is a festival enjoyed by every individual with equal enthusiasm, be it a child or an adult. We indulge in various activities during Diwali, such as, Performing Puja rituals, get togethers with loved ones, bursting firecrackers, decorating houses and many other things. But, other than bursting firecrackers, there is hardly any other activity that excites children. They get bored while their parents are busy socializing or performing rituals. Give them a task that they would love to do and that would develop their creative skills as well. We have come up with some of the exciting Diwali crafts, which can easily be made by kids.

Make Diyas
Make Diyas from ceramic clay or with wheat dough and mold it into the shape of a diya. Keep it overnight. Glue little mirrors while the molded diya is still wet. You can add colors to Diwali lightings by decorating simple clay Diyas into enticing work of arts. Use oil paints to make traditional designs or you can fix zari or gota over the edges of the Diya. Paint them in red, blue or yellow colors to add to the festivities of Diwali.

Make Door Hangings
Take a piece of thick cotton cloth with vibrant color. Make over it geometrical designs, religious symbols, traditional prints such as elephants etc. You can use mirrors, zari, sequins, glitter paste, and clothes of different colors, which fixed in designer patterns would look gorgeous. Stitch the cloth around rods from both the ends and attach a strong string to it. Now hang it on your walls and showcase your enthusiasm and creative talent.

Make Torans
Make beautiful floral torans to give a warm welcome to your guests. All you need to do is to bead the flowers (you can choose among the original and artificial flowers) with the help of a long needle and a strong thread (you can take the one used while flying kites). Weave them and make some big and small strands. Now attach them so that they are in a beautiful design.

Let them too participate in appending a charm to the aura of celebrations directly. They would be delighted on seeing their work of art adorning their own houses.

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